Santos is a host port city of Baixada Santista, located on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil. With the greater economic participation of said region, home to the largest port in Latin America, primarily responsible for the economic dynamics of the city next to the tourism, fishing and commerce, occupying the 5th place among non most important capitals in the Brazilian economy and placed 10th according to quality of life.

It can scroll the Tourist Line Tram.

With outputs of Mauá Square, five trams and a trailer circulating through the main streets and buildings of the historic center, providing a true journey into the past, into a screenplay 5km.There are stops for landing and boarding the Hill of Santa Catarina, in March the foundation of the town of Santos, and Saturnino de Brito Palace.

From this point you can also reach the tourist complex of Monte Serrat, on top of which has a 360-degree view of the city.In all, the tour travels 40 scenic spots and historical, with accompanying tour guides.

Some tourist attractions:


      Coffee Museum




      Memorial football


      For a long time, its economy centered on coffee marketing; in 1922 was inaugurated the Official Coffee Exchange, where the coffee market wealth was traded to the country, which resulted in the current Coffee Museum housed at the site now known as Old Town, space that holds exhibitions about the history of the product in Brazil and the city and which is decorated with works by the artist Benedito Calixto.

      Largest city of the North Coast, the main postcard of the city are the 7 km of beach.